䷽ MDS Chat w/ Matt #5 - Hex


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🤘 It's time for another MDS Chat with Matt! This week, we have a tool I've been pretty vocal about— Hex.

🔍 What is it?

Think of Hex as a supercharged Jupyter Notebook— allowing you to connect to your database and dance 💃 between Python and SQL. More than that, Hex incorporates dependencies into notebooks for things like variable propagation and intelligent cell execution. Finally, Hex's reporting functionality was HUGE for my own product analytics deliverables.

🕵️‍♂️ Who is it for?

1️⃣ Analysts diving deep into EDA and looking for sustainable workflows. 🏊‍♂️

2️⃣ Analytics engineers troubleshooting data discrepancies or iterating on code! 🔍🔧

3️⃣ Data engineers who need an ad-hoc playground. 🌌

🤩 Why it's a game changer

Hex is lets you seamlessly switch between your analytics tools to expedite workflows. In my experience, it's report generation functionality is top-notch. Hex was a simple way to level-up my Product Analytics game. I highly recommend you take a look.